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How Can I Relieve My Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is quite common and occurs when the eye is not producing enough tears to keep the eye moist and lubricated. Dry eye can be caused by frequent contact lens use, electronic device use, allergy medication, or simply natural aging.

TSO Custer Creek helps many of our Richardson, TX patients with chronic dry eye symptoms. Treatment includes artificial eye drops to help lubricate the eyes or punctal plugs that help reduce tear drainage and keep the eye moist. Each patient is different and we carefully diagnose dry eye syndrome for maximum relief.

Before making an appointment with our optometrist, we recommend trying a warm press on the eyes or a soft massage around the eyes at home. For mild dry eye, this may be the DIY hack to relieve the itchiness and irritation.

If your eyes continue to bother you or you experience redness or swelling, we recommend having your eyes checked by Dr. Carter. Dry eye can make even simple tasks difficult, but there are many treatments available today to relieve irritation.

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