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Eye Emergency in Richardson, TX

An eye injury or infection can be frightening. However, in many cases, it is not necessary to go to an emergency room and instead make an eye emergency appointment at TSO Custer Creek. We will review a few of the more common eye emergencies so you know what to do.

Eye Infections and Pink Eye

A viral or bacterial infection will cause pink eye and may be accompanied by itchy or red eyes. Most eye infections are not contagious, but it is best to visit TSO Custer Creek as soon as possible to make sure the infection is not viral.

Small Scratches

Most small scratches will heal with the supervision and treatment of an eye doctor. Be careful not to rub or touch your eye to avoid infection and make an appointment to see Dr. Carter as soon as possible.

Small Particles in Your Eye

If dust or dirt gets in your eye, be careful not to rub your eyes and create a scratch. Wash your hands thoroughly and flush your eyes with cold water. If you are having difficulty removing the dirt, make an appointment at Texas State Optical as soon as possible.

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